Inventors and Innovators Series


Even more than necessity, invention requires the tireless dedication of individuals seeking to improve their lives and that of those around them. Discovery and innovation, the re-imagining of existing tools and devices in medicine, technology, space exploration, the environment, and climatology, have been taken to previously unattainable heights thanks to people as brilliant and diverse as Hippocrates and Bill Gates. These exciting volumes profile the men and women responsible for some of the most significant developments in science and technology in the course of human history.

Number of Titles: 5

Interest Level: Grades 7-12

Reading Level: Grade 8

ISBN: 9781615308750 (E-book)

Copyright: ©2013

“These well-designed books present information in a succinct and uniform manner. Each chapter presents a two- to four-page biography and usually includes an accompanying portrait with a caption, in chronological order by year of the featured individuals’ births. An introduction and conclusion offer more insights into each book’s focus and will assist youngsters with making connections among entries.” —Caroline Geck, School Library Journal, January 2013

“This series presents numerous individual biographies in a narrative format. ... The layout is simple, clear, and attractive. ... Individual pages are laid out in a colorful format. The series is appropriate for students seeking information on specific individuals or just seeking to browse and further their knowledge. RECOMMENDED.” – Kyla M. Johnson, Library Media Connection

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