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Our visual experience of the world and our ability to perceive the objects and people around us would be impossible without light and the many roles it plays in our daily lives. In addition to facilitating our perception, light sustains life on earth by providing energy to plants and heating the atmosphere. The fundamentals of light, including how it is measured, its interaction with matter, and the particle and wave theories of light, are covered in this detailed volume.

Series: Introduction to Physics II

Interest Level: Grades 7-12

Reading Level: Grade 8

ISBN:  9781615308446 (E-book)

Copyright: ©2013

Pages: 80

“The book shines across the spectrum and teaches the reader about light’s many properties. ... It explains in no–nonsense terms and real life applications the hows, the whats, and the whys of light theory. Building the timeline of ... physicists’ theories, it tells the story of the relatively recent discovery of the nature of light. Pretty cool stuff! As a teacher of middle school students, I found this book to be a very readable and quite exciting report of light, a source we use but take for granted. The concepts are explained simply yet eloquently and in depth. I would use this book as a resource to be read and discussed in class as my students grasp something that is within their reach and a part of their life.” —Teri Cosentino, NSTA Recommends, January 2013

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