U.S. Government: The Separation of Powers Series


The framers of the Constitution had consummate legal minds. Their desire for a government that would represent the needs of the many as well as the needs of a few led to the creation of a balanced government, which no other nation had formalized at that time. This thought-provoking series provides an exciting look into the three branches of the world's leading democratic government. Primary source documents and interpretations introduce readers to leaders, ideas, and legal principles at work. Readers will learn about presidential interplay, from George Washington to Barack Obama. Watershed Supreme Court cases such as Dred Scott v. Sanford will remain in the reader's mind long after the book is returned to the shelf.

Number of Titles: 3

Interest Level: Grades 9-12

Reading Level: Grade 10

ISBN: 9781615302741 (E-book)

Copyright: ©2010

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