Inside Sports Series


Synthesizing strategy and grace, athletic activity is much more than an exhibition of physical dexterity or a battle of brawn. From schoolyard scrimmages to professional-level championship tournaments, competition thrives alongside camaraderie, as teams seek to defend the pride of their home turf. Inspiring the deep-seated passions of both players and fans alike, the games of baseball, basketball, football, and soccer have encouraged professional athletes to defy physical and social boundaries, elevating their franchises to international renown. These exciting volumes examine the evolution of these four sports and the journeys of their most exceptional players.

Number of Titles: 4

Interest Level: Grades 5-12

Reading Level: Grade 6

ISBN: 9781615308200 (E-book)

Copyright: ©2012

“... The books are colorful and heavily illustrated, with large color pictures on the majority of the pages. The information is well organized, and the text style will appeal to young or reluctant readers. The covers feature bold, stylized action shots of current popular players and have a great deal of visual appeal. Students doing reports on the history of their favorite games will find these books useful, and this series will also find an audience with young sports fans.” —VOYA, April 2012

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