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A Closer Look at Living Things


Life comes in all shapes and forms, and living entities dwell in all types of habitats. There are seven characteristics that all life forms share: the ability to move, to sense, to respire, to consume nutrition, to grow, to reproduce, and to excrete waste matter. Complete with annotated illustrations that clarify complex structures and life processes, this volume surveys the parts, characteristics, and classifications of various living things and explores the evolution of life in general.

Series: Introduction to Biology

Interest Level: Grades 7-12

Reading Level: Grade 8

ISBN: 9781615305834 (E-book)

Copyright: ©2012

Pages: 88

“Unique intermediate and upper grade look at what it means to be alive. Examines in depth the seven characteristics of living ... Also discusses evolution, the geologic record, and how living things are classified. A colorful assortment of photos, illustrations, tables, charts, and sidebars complement the well-written text... An engaging book design integrates everything into a nice readable package.” —Hawaii State Public Library

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