March 2021 Professional Learning Cohort: Culturally Responsive Instruction in a Blended Learning Environment


Considering the current social climate and the politically charged atmosphere in the nation, teachers are struggling to figure out how to talk about current events and issues related to diversity in their blended and virtual classrooms.

This professional learning cohort explores strategies and perspectives related to developing a culturally responsive pedagogy and framework in the K-12 setting. 

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Cohorts will meet 4 times over the course of several weeks. All sessions will be recorded to provide both synchronous and asynchronous options.
Live sessions will be on the following dates:
  • March 10th @ 4 PM CST 
  • March 24th @ 4 PM CST
  • April 14th @ 4 PM CST
  • May 5th @ 4 PM CST 

The goal is to support teachers in creating and facilitating environments that embrace cultural responsiveness, through promoting teaching and learning that is both equitable and engaging, and embraces a climate and culture of trust, understanding, curiosity, enrichment and imagination of new possibilities

Teachers must be able to engage in a space where they feel comfortable to explore their own anxieties and vulnerability, as well as their biases, for the benefit of their students and an inclusive classroom.  If we truly desire to teach to transform, we must be able to promote and sustain both advocacy for educational equity in our classrooms and learning that embraces a wealth of diversity, identifying and nurturing students’ cultural strengths, and validating students’ experiences and their place in the world. 

Key Outcomes/Educator Competencies built:

Strengthen the cultural connection between teachers and their students.

Empower and inspire teachers to:

  • Build their own culturally responsive teaching approach that builds equitable and inclusive practices into their curriculum and classroom that is sustainable and applicable to support a blended learning environment.
  • Create and facilitate an environment that fosters continuous learning and an appreciation of diverse cultures and adopts an attitude that becomes part of the classroom climate and culture. 


Explore teaching and learning strategies that:

  • Embrace culturally responsive practices that meet both the social and academic needs of diverse student populations.
  • Encourage student discussion on current events and issues related to diversity in their classrooms.
  • Inspire increased dialogue among students related to perspectives of culturally responsive teaching.


Inspire ideas to create spaces for education professionals to collaborate and engage in discussion regarding how to best foster this framework in the K-12 context.


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