Nature's Mysteries II Series


All around the world, natural disasters can wreak havoc on the environment, humans, plants, and animals, while other natural phenomena such as solar and lunar eclipses are thrilling and mysterious. But what causes a tornado to form or a tsunami to reach the shore? This series will pique the young reader's interest in science and nature by delving into these natural phenomena. Each book will unravel the causes and effects of the phenomenon by explaining basic concepts and terms. Students will learn where the phenomenon can be observed, the conditions necessary for it to occur, and its effects. Features include: Engages students in thinking about the natural world around them. Meets the requirements of the Earth's Systems and Ecosystems dimensions of the Next Generation Science Standards, including how wind and water can change the shape of the land.

Number of Titles: 6

Interest Level: Grades 1-5

Guided Reading Level: K

Lexile Level: 840-990

ISBN: 9781625136411 (E-book)

Copyright: ©2019

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