Elementary Spanish/English Collection 2018


Native Spanish speakers and students learning to speak Spanish will thoroughly enjoy the books in this specially-designed collection. Forty-two titles in English and Spanish join 44 titles in Spanish only to give readers a wide variety of content covering math and science topics.

Number of Titles: 42

Interest Level: Grades K-4

ISBN: 9781625136244

¿Qué son el dinero y los bancos? (What Are Money and Banks?)

¿Qué son la oferta y demanda? (What Are Supply and Demand?)

¿Qué son los ahorros y gastos? (What Are Saving and Spending?)

¿Qué son los bienes y servicios? (What Are Goods and Services?)

¿Qué son los lujos y necesidades? (What Are Wants and Needs?)

¿Qué son los proveedores y consumidores? (What Are Producers and Consumers?)

¿Qué son los recursos? (What Are Resources?)

¿Qué son los trabajos e ingresos? (What Are Jobs and Earnings?)

What Are Goods and Services?

What Are Jobs and Earnings?

What Are Money and Banks?

What Are Producers and Consumers?

What Are Wants and Needs?

What Are Supply and Demand?

What Are Saving and Spending?

What Are Resources?

What Are Crustaceans?

What Are Fish?

What Are Mollusks?

What Are Sea Invertebrates?

What Are Sea Mammals?

What Are Sea Plants and Algae?

¿Qué son las plantas marinas y las algas? (What Are Sea Plants and Algae?)

¿Qué son los crustáceos? (What Are Crustaceans?)

¿Qué son los peces? (What Are Fish?)

¿Qué son los moluscos? (What Are Mollusks?)

¿Qué son los mamíferos marinos? (What Are Sea Mammals?)

¿Qué son los invertebrados marinos? (What Are Sea Invertebrates?)

Cometas y meteoros: Atravesando el espacio (Comets and Meteors: Shooting Through Space)

La Tierra: El planeta vivo (Earth: The Living Planet)

Planetas enanos: Plutón y los planetas menores (Dwarf Planets: Pluto and the Lesser Planets

Planetas gigantes de gas: Júpiter, Saturno, Urano y Neptuno (Giant Gas Planets: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune)

Sistemas solares: Planetas, estrellas y órbitas (Solar Systems: Planets, Stars, and Orbits)

Planetas rocosos: Mercurio, Venus, la Tierra y Marte (Rocky Planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars)

La cuadrilla “manada de lobos” está fuera de vista (Wolfpack Gang is Outta Sight)

Pateándolo (Kickin It)

Una pijamada difícil (A Tricky Sleepover)

Un monstruo en los manglares (Monster in the Mangroves)

Brownies con Benjamín Franklin (Brownies with Benjamin Franklin)

Caramelo con Thomas Edison (Toffee with Thomas Edison)

Pastel de manzana con Amelia Earhart (Apple Pie with Amelia Earhart)

Sundaes con Harriet Tubman (Sundaes with Harriet Tubman)

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