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Our body's interpretation of hot and cold instinctively alerts us to the existence of temperature differences and gives us some sense of the concept of heat. Heat, the energy that is transferred from one object to another because of a difference in temperature, is a critical part of our lives even when we are not aware of it, from the melting of ice to the functioning of an engine. This comprehensive volume examines heat and the related concepts of temperature, thermal energy, and thermodynamics and introduces readers to some of the great minds that furthered our understanding of this fundamental area of physics.

Series: Introduction to Physics II

Interest Level: Grades 7-12

Reading Level: Grade 8

ISBN:  9781615308439 (E-book)

Copyright: ©2013

Pages: 80

“This is an exceptional resource and reference book about the nature of heat, temperature, and thermal energy and how they are alike and different. If you teach thermodynamics in middle school, this little book has the ability to capture the essence of a difficult concept and ... make it easy to understand. The format of the book includes pictures, biographies, useful examples, and exciting facts. It uses a no–nonsense approach to learning. The visuals explaining how heat is transferred are especially impressive. ... Its real life applications and larger than life format make it a good resource to accentuate learning about heat and temperature.” —Teri Cosentino, NSTA Recommends, December 2012

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