MiC's Summer Math


Here’s the research-based, easy-to-use summer math program designed to catch students up and prepare them for the rest of middle school and high school, or to ramp up learning by on-level students for the new school year. 

MiC's Summer Math offers: 

Engaging real-world contexts with lessons from each of the Content Strands;

Math models and multiple strategies that address all learning styles and move students from the abstract to the formal with explicit connections;

Practice Standards embedded in each lesson;

Practice problems and review questions that reinforce learning and familiarize students with assessment formats.

MiC's Summer Math is easy to use for teachers, including those who may not teach math during the school year. It features:

Ready-to-use, concise plans and pacing calendars;

Identification of pertinent content standards in every lesson;

Suggestions for differentiating instruction;

Classroom Set contains 25 Student Books,1 Teacher Guide, and 1 Manipulative kit.

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